Anthony Davis Jr. recognized as one of Bostons Most Influential

May 20, 2024

It’s still a surreal feeling seeing my name in the Boston Magazine among the city’s most influential. Being one of the youngest on this list, standing tall among giants in our city, is both humbling and inspiring. While making this list was not a goal of mine or something I jockeyed or politicked for, it means a lot to be recognized for the work I’ve been doing since coming to Boston in 2018.

A number of folks warned me about coming to Boston because of the city’s scarred history of treating people of color as less than, but since coming to Boston, we’ve elected the first Black Woman to serve as a Federal Representative in the history of the state of Massachusetts; elected our first woman and woman of color as Mayor; and elected the first openly lesbian woman Governor in our nation’s history. And I’ve had the privilege of having my hand involved in each of these historic victories.

I was talking to a fellow organizer a few days ago and he congratulated me and said, “You know organizers don’t usually get these type of recognitions,” and that has stuck with me. Over the past few days I’ve been reflecting on long days and even longer nights in campaign offices; the amount of missed family and friends birthdays; and the imposter syndrome I faced while launching TDS, and I concluded that making it on this list is a nod that the work has all been worth it.

I hope that if there is anything folks that know the work I’ve done intimately will take away from this acknowledgment is that the work will always speak louder than anything you can say. I’m not the loudest or most talkative, but when it comes to the work, I have seen how working hard and keeping your head down will result in wins and now even acknowledgments.

I am extremely grateful first, for my wife and business partner Errin Davis, because I could not do any of the work I do without her love, support and hard work. Additionally, to Thanh Nguyen, Richeline Cadet, Ajah, Myles, and the entire team The Davis System, LLC. This is as much you all’s honor as mine, as I would not have the impact I have without the work each of you do. Additionally, I am thankful for fellow list members that have poured into me and my business through opportunity, referrals, showing up for us as validators, or all of the above. Thanks to James ‘Jimmy’ Hills, Nicole Obi, Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley, Mayor Michelle Wu, Segun Idowu, Sheena Collier, Ruthzee Louijeune, Julia Mejia, Jean Dolin.

Find the full list here.

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