Local businesses are contracted to work with upcoming NAACP convention

Anthony Davis Jr. #111 of Boston's Most Influential appears on Java With Jimmy 

For Black businesses in Boston, NAACP convention is ‘a game changer’

NAACP convention launches with day of 'service and action' on Saturday

Boston NAACP branch hosts day of service ahead of national convention

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The NAACP Day of Action & Service was a success! It’s wonderful to know that something like this brought together the community and supporters from various neighborhoods like Roxbury, Mattapan, Dorchester, and Hyde Park to make a positive impact. This was a way to exemplify the power of collective action and community involvement. Getting involved to improve neighborhoods and support each other fosters a sense of unity and purpose.

Thank you @danaebucci and @wcvb5 for highlighting this day as we kickoff the upcoming NAACP 114th National Convention starting July 26th, @tanisha4ma and the @naacpboston for trusting The Davis System in organizing this great day, @mayorwu, as your leadership support plays a crucial role in bringing such events to fruition and encouraging community engagement, @benjerryboston for your willingness and supporting the Day of Action & Service with us.

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